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Career Counseling & Executive Coaching

Career Counseling & Coaching

Career counseling and coaching is most useful during transition, such as choosing a career, changing career or job, charting a promotion, negotiating raise, and planning exit strategies including retirement.  Navigating such life-altering transitions with awareness and deliberation can improve outcome by integrating an individual’s deepest values, aims, and by identifying true skills and interests.

Executive Coaching

Dr. Wu works with organizations as an executive coach and consultant, specializing in the psychology of leadership excellence, senior leadership  teams, global management, and working constructively with conflict. Companies and company sponsors (HR, Board members, Managers)  interested in her services may contact her here, or to learn more about her approach to leadership  consulting.

Girl viewing cell phone seeking career counseling.Triggers and needs for confidential and private individual coaching can be as varied as onboarding to a new position, developing self-confidence with new repertoire of skills, managing relationships and communication, confidential sounding board, career transition, global assignment and developing cultural intelligence, managing stress, and developing executive presence.

Both company-sponsored and private coaching may involve collecting feedback interviews, shadow coaching (real-time observation) and development planning.

Coaching Areas of Focus

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Executive presence
  • Insights into leadership style
  • Targeted approach to development planning
  • Communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Women in leadership
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Preparing for expatriate assignments
  • Work-life balance
  • Career transition
  • Onboarding
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict management and difficult conversations
  • Confidential sounding board

Dr. Wu works with senior leaders and critical players, teams and governance boards in organizations:

Confidential sounding board

Development coaching

Team coaching

Women in leadership

Negotiation, conflict management, difficult conversations training

Executive presence

Emotional intelligence

Global teams

Cross-cultural global management

Individuals who are interested in engaging Dr. Wu as a private coach, separate from company sponsorship, can call or fill out the form below.

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Companies interested in engaging Dr. Wu for for leadership and team development, organizational consulting  and executive coaching can contact her here: Contact Dr. Wu.

Psychological Issues & Areas of Focus

Learn more about the types of issues coaching clients may be working on:

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