Forensic Cultural Psychology

Dr. Wu specializes in the integration of psychology with culture and diversity topics in forensic consultation: as expert witness, trial consultant, and consultant to law enforcement. In addition to conducting culturally informed psychological evaluations of plaintiffs and defendants, both for the defense and for the government, Dr. Wu is available for consultation to the legal system in the following areas:

Evaluation and identification of role of cultural values and norms in criminal and civil cases

Assessment of relevance of cultural factors in state of mind

Culture gender cases

Obtaining a rich and culturally competent history including sociopolitical and psychosocial background

Establishing rapport with and effectively communicating with alienated or outgroup individuals

Clarifying ingroup and outgroup dynamics and its impact on individuals

Teasing out impact of culture on legal system, e.g., identifying when stereotypes are in operation

Interviewing victims regarding cultural impact of crimes committed against them

Cases include:

Immigration, Extreme Hardship

Gender, race, ethnic and religious discrimination or harassment

Gender-related Violence


Criminal, for Defense and People

Sentence Mitigation

Dr. Wu brings a wealth of experience in cross-cultural psychology; evaluating individuals and groups through not only a psychological lens but also through the lens of historical and sociocultural context. Through her clinical and forensic practice as well as in her research, teaching and writing she is ever evolving a mastery in her understanding of conflict, both at the level of large groups and at the interpersonal level.

Her forensic clients have included nationals and immigrants from Algeria, Canada, China, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Iraq, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Korea, Tibet, Trinidad, United States, and Zimbabwe, to name a representative sample.

She has authored essays on human rights and co-authored training manuals on evaluating refugees and asylum seekers and trained physicians and attorneys nationwide on working with refugees and survivors of conflict. She was honored for her work at the 20th anniversary of Physicians for Human Rights, and also served for six years on the board of the Political Asylum, Immigration, and Refugees Project (PAIR), joining their staff training Boston-area attorneys on the psychological evaluation of refugees and survivors of torture.

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