Counseling Services

Dr. Wu offers counseling and therapy services in her Boston-based practice to individuals and couples. While she is extensively trained to work with a broad variety of psychological issues and referral problems, she integrates into all aspects of her work mindfulness approaches to therapy, a deep appreciation of culture, and the deep thoughtfulness and attunement to emotional life characteristic to being a psychoanalyst at home in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

For therapy and counseling Dr. Wu sees individuals and couples. She will meet with you in consultation to discuss whether psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or a series of consultation sessions would best meet your needs. She may also make recommendations for alternative treatments or further consultations.

For more information see FAQ: “Ive never sought help from a psychologist before. What can I expect after I contact Dr. Wu?

Executive Coaching Services

Dr. Wu also sees coaching clients in her Boston office and at client organizations coaching executives and senior leaders. Executives who wish to engage her as a private coach or for career counseling and assessment may discuss this possibility with her during the initial call.

Clients interested in executive coaching may opt to have sessions in person, by telephone, or video-conference.

Forensic Psychology Services

Dr. Wu is available for forensic evaluations and consultations particularly with a specialization in culture.  Attorneys may contact Dr. Wu directly to discuss referrals.


Dr. Wu sees patients for counseling, consultation, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in her Boston office, located near Downtown Crossing, Government Center, and the Financial District.  These services are rendered in person, although with special advance arrangement some sessions may occur via video-conferencing.

Psychological Issues & Referral Problems

Learn more about the types of referral problems that Dr. Wu treats and inform yourself about some of their common symptoms and underlying causes.