Improving Relationships

Uncovering the patterns in how you relate to others and helping you find new ways of keeping and nurturing your relationships.

Difficult relationships can leave us frustrated, angry and unfulfilled. Recognizing how our attitudes and behavior influence one another is the key to understanding why a relationship can become unhappy, antagonistic or counter-productive.

Human beings are social beings. So much of what we value is invested in good relationships because they make us feel successful and happy. Even for those who might eschew the importance of relationships, they can find themselves adrift when things go wrong.

Our principal relationships are the ones with family, a spouse or partner, a child or a sibling, while our social relationships are with friends and coworkers. Whether or not we maintain a relationship with someone, we are always relating to people, even strangers we interact with on the street or online.

Colorfull image of a fruit stand representing how we relate to others and improving relationshipsis. A good part of how we relate to others is colored by how others have related to us. With a little examination we can often find patterns in how we act in relationships. There may be patterns of conflict or difficulty getting along. Some may find it difficult making commitments or finding or keeping good relationships while others may feel that they are unable to be in a relationship and still be authentic. Through the psychodynamic therapy process Dr. Wu helps patients uncover these patterns and helps them find new and more satisfying ways of relating to others.

The core of psychotherapy is in its specialized ability to look closely at how people operate within relationships. In psychodynamic psychotherapy the therapeutic relationship itself may be used to provide insights into the patient about their ways of relating.

Types of problems people have in relationships:

Getting along

Communication problems

Inability to resolve differences

Important relationships that are not working well

When you detect unhelpful patterns in certain types of relationships

Types of relationships Dr. Wu helps with:

Relationships with children

Relationships with parents

Relationships with siblings

Professional relationships with coworkers and bosses

Social relationships with friends and community

Intimate relationships with a spouse or partner

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