Women in Leadership

Understanding and working with the unique challenges facing women in leadership roles.

Depersonalization and objectification are realities that many women face in the workplace. Even in the most supportive environments women leaders and managers may face stereotypes and biases that inhibit their ability to excel.

Psychological growth and emotional development are key to managing the pressures and responsibilities of leadership, and must often occur rapidly if one’s professional credibility is to prevail. By using coaching or psychotherapy as a sounding board, women in leadership positions may benefit from new insighWoman with a book on her lapts and perspectives, and help to facilitate their growth and development during a critical period of life.

The number of women in today’s workforce is beginning to exceed that of men, yet women in leadership positions still face uniquely challenging obstacles. Social and demographic change can be rapid, but attitudes and psychology do not necessarily follow so swiftly.

With more power and responsibility comes unexpected psychological conflicts and the awakening of dormant emotional patterns. Just as being a parent for the first time can evoke both new and deeply old psychodynamics, so can the challenges of being boss, of managing conflict, and of leading effectively.

Dr. Wu’s approach in helping women in leadership roles to meet the unique challenges facing them is to provide an environment in which they can explore and identify the external attitudes and internal emotional patterns that may hamper their leadership responsibilities and their professional development.

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