Psychological Issues & Areas of Focus

Psychological issues are not necessarily problems.  Everyone has habits in how they view things, how they feel, how they act with people around them, or how they cope when things get stressful.  Mental health is not the absence of psychological issues but the awareness of habits and the ability to change them when needed.  Knowing how you operate helps you to know what works and what doesn’t; what makes you happy, and what gets you into trouble.

You may seek therapy and counseling with a psychologist for different reasons or life circumstances.  Life changes or events (even happy ones) may trigger the need to change and adapt — and this can be challenging or stressful.  You may notice persistent habits in how you function at work or school, or issues that keep coming up in your relationships.  You may be worried about your personal or emotional functioning,  your career, work-life balance; or you may be worried that your symptoms of depressionobsessive compulsiveness or addictive behavior is getting out of hand.

Therapy and counseling can help you get perspective and a clearer sense of what is working well in your life and what you may need to give attention to, and how.  Dr. Wu can help you explore which psychological issues may be getting in your way, and whether or not therapy is needed.  Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is also well-suited if your aim is to optimize your talents and quality of life; and if you seek a deeper, more meaningful and authentic connection to your self and the people around you.

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