Finding new focus

Developing insights into your attitudes and behaviors and learning new skills toward a more fulfilling life. Learn more

Uncovering patterns

Understanding how you relate to others and helping you find new ways of keeping and nurturing your relationship. Learn more

Unlocking depression

Restoring motivation, vitality and internal creative energy through understanding and treating your depression. Learn more

Knowing yourself

Cultivating a quality of mind and non-judgemental awareness that amplifies a deep inner energy. Learn more

Growing confidence

Improving self-esteem to develop greater resilience, optimism and strength towards a more positive self image. Learn more

Growing with life

Finding emotional strength to meet life's challenges and growing through difficult transition constructively. Learn more

Achieving goals

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to accept yourself and fulfill your aims. Learn more

Building Resilience

Combatting stress with self-awareness and balance to land on your feet. Learn more

Being together

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Getting in the Zone

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About You

You are seeking a safe and professional process to help you function better and feel happier. You are curious about yourself and motivated to work to get to a better place.

About Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu is a Harvard-trained Ph.D. psychologist and psychoanalyst with a deep respect and understanding of people and their capacity to change, based on decades of highly specialized training and experience.

Our Purpose

To partner in a process whose aim is to help you to realize your best potential, feel relief from suffering, and connect authentically to yourself and others.

Boston Psychologist

Jenai Wu Steinkeller, Ph.D.

psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, executive coach50 Franklin St., 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02110 Phone: 617.202.9990

Serving Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas

What kind of people or problems does Dr. Wu specialize in?

The short answer is that I am qualified to work with a wide range of people and problems through an approach integrating my training as a psychoanalyst with a strong mindfulness and culture orientation. My training and experiences are both very deep and very broad. By the time I got my Ph.D. I had evaluated or treated nearly a thousand patients in a busy downtown Chicago hospital, not to mention all the different people (adults and children) I treated during my postdoctoral trainings at Boston hospitals such as MGH & Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center, or during 20+ years of private practice. After my post-doctoral training I undertook and completed psychoanalytic training at Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, involving 10+ years of post-graduate studies, more supervised training, and personal analysis.

In a way the reason I’m a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst is that I find people inexhaustibly interesting and unique. After all these years and so many people, I find helping each person identify and work through their unique brand of stuckness and helping them connect to their own deep vitality more and more rewarding.

My broader practices in mindfulness, corporate consulting, cross-cultural consulting and conflict management also broaden my “areas of specialization.” Having worked as a management consultant in a boutique global firm and maintaining my own coaching and organizational consulting practice has made me very familiar with the concerns of people in the business world. My own deep interest in meditation and extensive mindfulness training has sensitized me to the growing array of people who are inspired or motivated to change through mindfulness. As an Asian-American psychologist my earliest research was in the intersection with culture and gender.

Intellectually I could say that I specialize in the nexus between psychology, culture and spirituality.

But in my practice I specialize in individuals. It is in joining people wherever they are and helping them move to a more liberated, flexible, joyful and vibrant state of being in the world that I am ever honing my skills.

Jenai Wu Steinkeller, Ph.D.

A highly credentialed and specialized clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in Boston, Dr. Wu brings meticulous training and experience to her knowledge of the human mind. She is also a writer, teacher, and executive coach/consultant to organizations; and for over 20 years on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

Jenai Steinkeller

Referral problems

Learn more about the types of referral problems that Dr. Wu treats, including stress, anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, peak performance, relationship issues, and couples counseling.


Dr. Wu’s careful and methodical psychotherapeutic approach provides a structured and safe setting to uncover emotional and behavioral problems. Mindfulness and psychotherapy are seamlessly interconnected through non-judging, self-acceptance, and managing emotional reactivity.

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